Residential Parking Permit Online Application

Most properties in Yarra are eligible for on-street parking permits. Some households are entitled to up to 3 permits and some are only entitled to 2 permits.

Properties not eligible for any parking permits are those where:

  • Construction of a new dwelling commenced on or after 10 December 2003, and that construction increased the number of dwellings or the number of separate occupancies per site.

Multi-unit developments built or occupied before 10 December 2003 have a reduced parking permit entitlement. This is based on the number of off-street spaces provided.

Council introduced these restrictions to encourage all new developments in Yarra to provide their own off-street parking in an effort to take some of the pressure off this limited resource. There are some exemptions to these restrictions. For more information on this, please call 9205 5255.

Eligibility Test

Enter the address of your property below to check if it's eligible for a Residential Parking Permit. If your property is eligible then follow the link in the results page to complete the online application.


Last update: 21 Aug 2019

Further Information

Parking Services
Telephone: 9205 5255

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